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Succulents Plants wholesale in Boston MA

Our Plants

Elgreen has expanded beyond orchids to include a large selection of plants, with new shipments coming in regularly.

A wide range spans from small cactus to the towering Dracaena, classic Anthurium to trendy Swiss cheese. As always, we continue to carry bamboo, bonsai, and money tree.


Please inquire about pre-ordering tropical plants and their availability. 

Our plant offerings include: Alocasia, Anthurium, Calathea, Fern, Philodendron, Pothos, Palms, Dracaena, Spathiphyllum, Ficus, Yucca, Aralia, Bromelia, Tillandsia (air plants and potted), Guzmania, Zamiocucas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant), Aglaonema, Sansevieria, Aloe, Peperomia, Dieffenbachia, Croton, Syngonium, Maranta, Ponytail, Schefflera, Lucky Bamboo, and Ceramic Gardens

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